May you view your marriage just how you both view parkour. Learn to love every obstacles as an opportunity to grow as husband and wife. Congratulations brother, and to your beautiful wife Taylor!

Cheers to forever & always!

Two different cultures become one. Love has no borders, no limitations, and indeed love has no colors. Congratulations Lily and Rory!

Cheers to forever and always!

Eleven years of being together, and the spark they have for each other remains the same. They left sparkles everywhere throughout their big day to honor their cultural heritage. Serbian weddings is an evident that their wedding is not just ceremony and reception, but an entire day of celebration. Congratulations Andja and Goran! Cheers to forever and always!

Cheers to forever and always!

Their love for music is what made them closer and stronger. In fact, it’s how they stumbled upon each other. Their voices became their favorite sound, and gave them inner peace from the outside world. Congratulations Anne and Danny!

Cheers to forever and always!

Philippines archipelago is out of this world. I am grateful for my experiences and I’m looking forward to more adventures with my wife.

Their elegant venue was the stunning Renaissance Place. Their guests were just as colorful as their love. Amidst this perfect combination of an exquisite Persian, and Armenian wedding, it was destiny, and romance that led these high school sweethearts to a happily ever after. Congratulations Lena & Ali.

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