More often than not, weddings rank on top of the most memorable time of my life list of each and every couple. This is the primary reason that couples make it a point that they have an avenue wherein they can look back and relive these moments that would otherwise be lost. Traditionally, photos were the only way to preserve those moments but, with the advent of digital technology, wedding videos are fast becoming a popular option as well. Russ Bachmaga is one viable option.

With his family owning a photo/video company, Russ Bachmaga was born into the world of events coverage. As early as the age of fifteen, Russ was trained to document weddings, and other special events through videography. Soon after, he learned the part of photography also. This background in both formats serves him well today as evident by his top-notch camerawork and scene framing.

  However, it is videography that really caught Russ’s interest, and he soon dove into the world of video editing. He started out using school’s computer, and then shifted to computer editing on his own when the non-linear editing era began. With years of experience, and dedication Russ was able to develop his own unique style of editing.

Instead of an elaborate marketing scheme, Russ has relied on letting his works and his former clients speak in his behalf. This has paved way to the creation of his own niche in the wedding videography business.

Now on its 24th years, Russ Bachmaga photo/video company has come a long way from its humble beginnings. From a single hand-held videocam and camera Russ continues to upgrade equipment thereby providing extra-ordinary shooting angles and camera motion along with his incredible team.

Oak Creek Photography and Video desires nothing but the best for their clients because they take a lot of pride in capturing your day’s event and making it the most memorable as it can be.